• General Band Info:

Jefferson-Morgan "Rocket" Marching Band
The Jefferson-Morgan "Rocket" Marching Band is made up of students in Grades 7 thru' 12; including Musicians, Band Front, and an Honor Guard. The Marching Band performs throughout the year at school, community, and athletic events. Students interested in participating in Marching Band should see Mrs. Svensson for information on the 2012-2013 Marching Band.

Tryouts for the Band Front are held each Spring for current students in Grades 7 thru' 11. Requirements and practices will be announced. Students interested in marching with the Honor Guard should sign up with Mrs. Svensson.

Band Camp traditionally runs for two weeks in August, including a week before fall sports officially begin. This allows us to prepare much of our drills and music to perform for the fall season, and allows students interested in Band and a sport to participate in both. Bring your own lunch to eat at the school, students will not be leaving during meal breaks.