Senior High Chorus

Syllabus 2010-2011

J-M Chorus is a selective performance ensemble. Students will be involved with developing their singing voice along with learning musical concepts and how to operate in a rehearsal-style setting.

Students will be graded based upon their participation, behavior, and cooperation. Students are awarded a possible two points per day as a daily grade. Daily grades are recorded in Classroll as weekly grades and will be awarded out of ten possible points for each week (two points per day).

Concerts and Performances:
The annual holiday concert for this coming school year is scheduled for Thursday, December 2, 2010 at 7:00 p.m in the Stanley Fowler Auditorium. The annual spring concert is scheduled for Thursday, May 19, 2011 at 7:00 p.m in the Stanley Fowler Auditorium. Attendance at these two events is MANDATORY. The holiday and spring concerts are graded as the midterm and final for this class. If, for any reason, a student is unable to attent either concert, the student will be required to make up the grade by singing the assigned music for that concert individually for Mrs. Svensson. Failure to do so will result in a zero on their midterm or final, depending on which concert was missed. Other performances include but are not limited to: Veteran's Day, Holiday Caroling, Spring Competitions, Commencement, and various other music festivals held throughout the school year. Participation in these activities will be based on the student's status and attendance in other classes. If a student is falling behing in a certain class, they will not be permitted to participate in the extra activities and performances that take place during school hours.

Concert Attire:
Dress for the two annual concerts will consist of solid black bottoms (pants, skirts, etc.), and solid black shoes (no flip-flops). Choir robes will be worn; therefore, any color or style top is acceptable as long as it will not show outside of the choir robes (no turtlenecks, long sleeves, etc.).

Discipline standards are laid out in a format of "Three Strikes and You're Out". If any student is displaying any type of disruptive or inappropriate behavior, the following actions will take effect:
1st Offense - Warning
2nd Offense - Warning and the student will lose one point in their daily grade
3rd Offense - Discipline Sheet will be filed, student will recieve a zero for their daily grade, and the student will be sent to the office if deemed necessary.